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Musician Donates Her Hair And Her Music

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Surrounded by small children each day as a private piano teacher, Jill McCormick Palmer was used to kids playing with her thick, waist-long blonde hair: braiding it, brushing it, even reaching out to touch it in the middle of their piano lessons.

"I realized they got much more of a kick out of my hair than I did," Jill recalls. "To me it was just hair. Then, after hearing about Locks of Love, I was struck by the idea that my hair could really help a child somewhere who needed it more than me."

But after having 11 inches of her long mane sheared at The Greenroom in Boca Raton, Jill decided donating her hair just wasn’t enough. A successful recording artist with a compact disc for sale, she suddenly realized her music could help children benefit from Locks of Love in a way her hair couldn’t.

That’s when Jill volunteered to donate a percentage of the profits from her popular piano CD, Remember When, to the organization in an effort to raise funds and provide more wigs to more children. McCormick Palmer’s critically acclaimed recording is a collection of original piano solos that have been heard on radio airwaves across the country from Washington, D.C., to Anchorage, Alaska.

"I realized that by making the CD available on the Internet and in local hair salons that support Locks of Love, I could make an ongoing difference," Jill said. "I also thought of all those people who want to help now, but don’t have 10 inches of hair to spare. This is a way for them to make a difference immediately."

Now people can donate to Locks of Love by ordering a CD. Ten dollars will go directly to Locks of Love for every CD sold, a boon to the not-for-profit organization. Visit Jill's website for information on ordering a CD.

This is important because the demand for wigs continues to increase each day, and the hairpieces are very expensive to make. Funds are increasingly needed to manufacture the wigs that are provided free of charge or on a sliding scale to children whose families meet the Locks of Love guidelines.

"We hope the sale of Jill’s CDs will help bring in additional funds to help us fulfill the need for hairpieces."

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Contact Locks of Love to request your Albertson's Community Partners Card. When you check out at your local Albertson's, remind your cashier to scan your CP card and Albertson's will make a financial contribution to Locks of Love. It's free to you, and the proceeds will make a big difference in a child's self-esteem! Call, e-mail Locks of Love or mail Locks of Love your address and we will send your card today!

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Disclaimer: I am not officially connected with the Locks of Love organization but I do support the wonderful work the are doing.

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