Monica,Recipient -- Age 12
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"I sat in the chair with wet wisps of hair hanging in front of my face. My stomach knotted with excitement remembering that I could wash the wig on my head like the other kids.

Hollis began to cut, and I held my hand out to catch a single strand of that stuff called hair; the feel of the soft wet clumps slipping onto my shoulder.

I saw my face in the mirror, framed in something beautiful. I looked like anormal Junior High girl; how I was supposed to look.

I slipped into the shower at home. Something was wrong. I finally realized what was bothering me -- no water pounding on my neck or drumming on my naked head. 'Duhh,' I thought. 'This is how it feels to have hair.'"

"Ever since I was young, I was a swimmer, which called for short hair. However, after my swimming career ended, it was 'hello' to long, flowing locks. That's how it has remained for the past four years.

LOCKS OF LOVE's story on Oprah gave me an opportunity to help someone fit in with their peers. So after careful thought and consideration, I watched as my long-cherished hair was whacked from my head. Surprisingly, the regret I expected never surfaced. Instead, I was filled with warmth at the thought of helping those kids -- even if only in a small portion of their lives.

I write to donate my hair in high hopes of what it may accomplish."

Erin, Donor -- Age 18, Akron, OH

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"I feel very good about myself," writes Stephanie from North Carolina. Locks of Love exists to change lives like Stephanie's.Can you imagine this beautiful, Native-American young girl as she prepares for school in the morning.


Look at this darling face. It's not hard to imagine Samantha writing, "I'm so happy!" to Locks of Love.

From Samantha's home in California, she tells Locks of Love that she loves to "feel her hair on my shoulders." After suffering through five years without her hair due to alopecia areata (an auto-immune condition),her new Locks of Love hairpiece restored her eight-year-old delight in brushing her hair. Samantha adds, "I'm happy too because I don't have to wear a hat anymore."

"I am so proud of my new look-I have not stopped smiling." A Locks of Love hairpiece transformed Samantha's life and the lives of her family. Please help Locks of Love put smiles on 100 children's faces this year with your generous financial and hair donations.

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1640 S. Congress Ave., Suite 104
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(561) 963-1677 or Fax:(561) 963-9914

LOCKS OF LOVE is a charity that provides hairpieces to financially disadvantaged children under the age of eighteen with medical hair loss