What do you get if you cross poison ivy with a four-leaf clover?

A rash of good luck!

WOW!...You've found a four-leaf clover!

Four-leaf clover's are very rare and are said to bring the holder of the clover GOOD LUCK!

By finding this clover your streak of good luck has already begun. Feel free to take the good luck with you. Go ahead and "pick" the clover. (To "pick" it..place your mouse over the clover and right click the mouse, then "save as" onto your computer.)

You can then place the good luck clover on your web page. It will bring your web site lots of good luck with success and lots of visits. You can even send good luck to a friend by sending them a clover thru e-mail--just be sure to make sure you document where you got the clover. Good luck will go where ever the clover goes.

Once the clover has been "picked" and placed on a web page, make sure that it is a "clickable" clover by linking it back to this page so that everyone who visits your page knows what the clover represents and can "pick" one of their own.

After saving the clover image to your web site for display (please DO NOT link back to this site), copy and paste the following HTML code on to your web site too. This will make it a "clickable" clover!

<!--Start of Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Code-->
<A HREF=http://www.toolcity.net/~jshryock/clover/clover.html>
<IMG SRC="clover.gif" alt="Click here for Good Luck" border=0></A>
<!--End of Lucky Four-Leaf Clover Code-->

"With A Little Luck"- Paul McCarthey and Wings

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