A special Poem

Hi Don, Here is a poem for your wonderful Site


Copyright   October 1999
By Michael Levy Author poet Philosopher

Listen! How sweet sings the breeze, merrily off trees, whispering wonderment, the ear quietly it does please, nurturing souls, drifting to Celestial splendor, beauty unfolds, as into peaceful slumber, coils surrender. Castles in the sky, growing columns of inspired aspiration, silver shadows flowing through all generations, warm cocoons of mortality, linked by silken threads, webs of lives where comfort embeds. Serenely rests the head of time, pillows puff by wisps of the sublime, mellow moments spark a fusion sphere, perfumed gardens alight, dancing nymphs are near. Oh mindful forest flower, rivers many bridges cross, branches leaved with neurons, invisible flakes of frost, tender is the night, spirits lovingly caress, sleep well my children, aware God will bless. M. L.

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