My Celebrities From The Internet

Who Have Sent Me A Lock Of Hair

If you are a female who is an actress, author, artist, composer, musician or a celebrity want to be and are willing to send me an autographed picture and a lock of your hair you can join my collection.

Responses From Celebrities

Sorry Don ... my momma didn't even get a lock of hair for the baby book ... don't think I'll be able to share any for you!
    Thanks for asking, tho.  All the best,
Deborah Norville

Dear Don,
Thank you for your email! Unfortunately, that is a request I cannot fulfill.
We appreciate you writing!
Best wishes,
Kathy Ireland

Dear Don,
Thank you for the letter. Listen, I'm getting older, not a whole lot of hair to spare. Now, if you would like something like a picture, I have plenty of those. Please E-mail us your address and I'd be happy to send you one.
Thanks for watching.
Leah Remini

sorry, no, but thanks for writing. Peace, Alyssa Milano

Hey. No, I am sorry.... I cannot send you a lock of my hair.
Sandee A. Van dyke

Sorry, that is not possible and I find it a strange request. You'd have a better chance asking for an autograph picture. All the best and be well.
Vanessa Rubin

Haha, That's a good one! Never been asked this before, but I'll bet the requests will keep coming if I send you some of my hair. If I was going to get a BIG haircut, I'd gladly send it all, but no more haircuts for me for awhile. Sorry. Besides, The Jersey makes me dye it anyway. It's not good hair anymore.
Courtnee Draper =)

Do you know how precious my hair is to me? Sorry...can't do it, I'll need it when I'm an old hag.
Judy Torres

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