Sarah turned 8 year's old on June 6, 1999

, she is Tammy's

daughter, my baby girl.

She is blonde like her Mommy and

hazel eyes like her Daddy,

Michael. She's short and chubby

like him also and get alot of

teasing at school, kids can be so

mean and cruel!!!

But, Sarah is so pretty and such a

sweet little girl.

She helps pray for people at

Church and loves the Lord.

She loves music and loves to sing,

she say's she will be a singer

when she grows up,her idol is Reba

McIntyre she loves movies, but

doesn't like cartoons.

She loves "Titanic" and Jack Dawson, watches it over and over.

She likes the "Rugrat's", and she

loves puppies and kitty cat's.

She also loves garage sales, ( I

wonder who she could get that


She is a very special little

"doodle-bug" and I can't imagine

life without her, she loves her

new little brother Dustin so much.

I am very proud of her and love

her very much. (from Sarah's Grandmother)

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