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From: Date: Mon, May 1, 2000, 12:32pm To:, Subject: hi Well this week has been a bit solum (spelling??) I had to put Leo to sleep Friday. He was getting so out of hand with spraying, attacking the other cats and now he took to peeing on everything. I was in my bed and he jumped up and peed and I was under the sheet! He started getting up at around 3 a.m. and hunting down the other cats who were sleeping and would attack them. The vet said he wanted to be the only cat in the household. She said when I went to work, he would have full power to hurt them. It's true I was always behind him. The vet said I could let him outside, however it would make me suffer thinking what is happening to him, is that dog bark a dog cornering Leo, is Leo hurt somewhere, and then I probably would either bring him back inside and be in constant fear that he may really hurt someone. The peeing on everything wasn't very good either and she (the vet) said it would get even worse. I tried to domesticate him and I thought I won but as he got older, he got more meaner to the others.. not to me, he was a sweetheart. He demanded to be on my lap always and when another just looked at who was on my lap, he would stare at them till they ran to hide. It is such a shock to see how relaxed they are. The first night, they still hid all throughout the house, but the second night, Sammy, who is always hiding.. came out from under the bed and not just to eat and run hide again. He rubbed all over my legs, let me lean over and pet him, he fell on the floor head first haha and rolled over and gave me his stomach and I rubbed and rubbed it. My other cats came around and jumped up on the recliner to greet me and then jumped off, they started playing in the living again and they haven't done that in a long long time. I didn't realize how stiffled Leo had made them. I still have my cold..I'm getting Tylnol Sinus tabs today to see if that works. It's all in my throat.   May 8th I start working again.. thank the Lord. Hope all is well with you and you are resting up. Attached is a picture of Leo so you don't get them mixed up. I'm sorry I had to do it, I wasn't going to throw him outside to get into harm and I wasn't going to give him a life of being in a cage. Hope Heather is okay too. Love Norma.

From: (rjones) Date: Tue, May 2, 2000, 8:00pm (EDT-3) To: Subject: Rica is looking for you Hi Don,   Cloud here from the Garden.  I just got an email from Rica this morning.  She is working long hours and spending her free time with her Dad.  He is scheduled for by-pass surgery on May 16th and she asked that we include him our prayers.  She has been lurking thru the Garden and is concerned that she hasn't seen any posts from you--she is concerned for your well being.   Would you mind dropping her a quick email? She has been reading, but not responding to her emails; altho for you, I'm sure she will respond.  Here is her email at work: She seems to use this account now.   Thanks for your help.  We sure miss you in the PCP Chuckle Corner.  I hope to read you in the Garden soon.   Sincerely, Cloud

From: (rjones) Date: Wed, May 3, 2000, 8:19pm (EDT-3) To: (Donald Merrill) Subject: Re: Rica is looking for you Well, I am  glad to hear that both you and kitty are on the mend.  We sure miss you in the Chuckle Corner.  As you must have noticed, things have been fairly quiet in the Garden these days--perhaps there is a lot of Spring fever going on outside of the Garden.    I know that Rica will be very glad to hear from you.  She really is quite concerned with her father's condition.  I can tell that she is trying to be brave, but she is battling the fear of the worst.  I know that she adores you and will love any mail you send her.  Thank you for caring about Rica, she is one special little gal.    Keep us posted on how you and kitty are doing.   Take care, Cloud -----Original Message----- From: Donald Merrill To: rjones Date: Wednesday, May 03, 2000 9:05 PM Subject: Re: Rica is looking for you Hi Could Thank you for the email. I have been under the weather for a while and went to the doctors last week and found out it was bronchitis. I am on antibiotics and slowly getting better. Our cat broke his leg and had to get a pin put in it and he is on antibiotics also. :-) I do try to read the post in the garden every day but that is about all. Love

From: (P W) Date: Sun, May 7, 2000, 10:30am To: Subject: Fwd: Re: Award....... Dear Don, I find this letter hard to write but I must. Putting the words down in email seems to make it so final! I write this with a saddened heart and am praying for a miracle! The extreme tiredness etc. that I have been experiencing the past year has not been all due to lack of rest, over-work and stress! My time is very limited and am not sure I will get moved to my shop after all! A nasty twist of fate but I'm not exempt from leaving this earth anymore then others are. Since I never had the time to really learn the web would you be kind enough to do me this favor? Ruth Ann has given me an award (attached letter) but I have no idea where it goes (on her page or my page etc?) Would you do whatever has to be done as I would love to have this award. Her site is magnificent! I've received many awards throughout the past 2 years but never see them and don't even know where to see them! Seems there was never time to sit down and learn the web as I was always busy with my regular life. I will always be grateful for your kindness to me and thank you for being my special "guardian angel". Please remember me in your prayers..... Love you, Patty Ann Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~ From:    "Ruth Ann" To:    "P W" Subject:    Re: Award....... Date:    Sun, May 7, 2000, 9:28am Organization:    Microsoft Corporation X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal Dear Patty Ann, I have visited your website and found it to be absolutely beautiful!! I was very impressed to say the least. I have enclosed a personalized award for you, I hope you will enjoy it. The link back to my page is as follows: Thank you for visiting my pages and applying for my award!! Congratulations!! Warmest wishes always, Ruth Ann Email: DREAMS and WISHES: Homepage:

From: Date: Sun, May 7, 2000, 7:21pm To: Subject: hi Don Howdy... well my day is upon me :-) I start tomorrow at Bank of America at 8:30 a.m.and work until 1 p.m. Then for 5 weeks I will work 8 to 5 Monday through Friday. Cool. Got my pad and my pencils, post-it notes, and highlighter all ready for my classes.   :-) Hope all is well with you. Healthwise for me, I am finally feeling better. Ever since I started gargelling with Listerine, my throat started getting better. My Dr. also changed my meds to Clariton, boy, what a difference. Gotta go now.... Love Norma.

From: Date: Sun, May 7, 2000, 9:51pm To: Subject: Re: hi Don you know by my email that Clariton was the only thing that helped me. I'm glad the cat is better. (and you too) he he Norma.

From: Date: Mon, May 8, 2000, 6:02pm To: Subject: hi My first day at work was good. I received a nice writing pen, a Bank of America drinking cup and a nice red shirt with the Bank of America logo on it. Seems to be going good. Lots of room for advancement at this bank.. good. I have "homework" so I am closing now. :-) Love to you and yours, Norma.

From: Date: Fri, May 12, 2000, 8:03am (EDT-3) To:,,,,,,,,,, Subject: Please Pray For Us! We are trying to adopt a baby! The social worker called me wensday afternoon and told me it will take 3 to 4 months before we could even get a social worker to visit with us. So me and Jeff have been cleaning and reorganizing the house. Until the social worker invetigates us and our living arrangements for the baby. She is a bouncing baby girl 3 months old andin perfect health. Please pray that this child would bless our home with her presence. Since I can't have children adoption is our only option. We will keep you all posted on the adoption. With a Sincere Thank you, Lisa & Jeff Crowe

From: (Sharon S.) Date: Sat, May 13, 2000, 12:29pm To: (Donald Merrill) Subject: Re: webtv Hey there Don! Thanks so much for the link on the upcoming new webtv features. I'm soo excited about it and can't wait! How are things going with you? Have you heard from Rica in awhile? It seems like she's dropped off the face of the earth. I haven't heard from her since a easter email card. I hope she and her dad are ok. I suppose i should pay a visit to the garden. I haven't been there in a couple of weeks. I haven't really made any personal connections with anyone on the internet in awhile. thanks again luv sharon MY HOMEPAGE

From: (rjones) Date: Sat, May 13, 2000, 9:49pm (EDT-3) To: (Dan M.), (Cathy Sponseller), (Sharon Sawyer), (thomas brinson), (Sheri Cole), (Sharon Miele), (Melissa Black), (Julie Patteson), (Joanne Lister), (Joey Ciarnelli), (Jill Rogers), (Harry Pike), (Donald Merrill), (Debbie Russes), (Annika Wetterdal), (Anne Mueller) Subject: Rica I just received a phone call from Rica.  I have posted her message to the Garden, but I thought I would write you all as well.   Rica was just on her way out the door to the hospital.  The phone call was really quite rushed but this is what I got from it:  Her Dad's surgery was moved up to today, or maybe tomorrow, but any rate they were just off to take him to the hospital.  I believe she told me that her Dad has the opportunity to have the 'best surgeon in all of Asia" perform the operation so the surgery date was rescheduled to accommodate the surgeon.   Poor little darling is really quite frightened.  As you know, her Dad is paramount in her life.  She has the entire week off so, if you are going to email her, perhaps her home address would be better than her work email.  I know she will appreciate well wishes, as well as just happy chatty news that will give her a break from her worry.  It might also be nice if we let her know that she need not feel obligated to write back.   Thank you Everyone for caring for Rica.   Cloud 

From: (P W) Date: Wed, May 17, 2000, 1:03am To: Subject: Fwd: Let's Trade Links! Hi Don, Could you please do whatever has to be done to exchange these links? Would like the 59 Megs Url the best, don't you agree? Thanks so much! Love you. Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~ From:    "Anton Pearce" To:    Subject:    Let's Trade Links! Date:    Wed, May 17, 2000, 12:40pm (EDT+12) X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal Dear Patty, I discovered your site today and found your content quite enjoyable. Your site is one that I would be interested in adding to our links page as I feel our visitors may also enjoy having a look. If you'd be willing to place a link to our site from yours, I would be happy to do the same for you. My site has a range of handmade craft by Australian craftspeople as well as free projects, articles and craft show listings which your visitors might find of interest. If you'd like to exchange links I need you to send me the following information: The title of your website A brief description Your email address The URL of your website The URL of the page on your site where my link will be displayed You can either email me this information or fill it in yourself at my site (This is not the address of our site, just the links page) This page also gives you the description and title of our site for you to use. I look forward to hearing from you and I think this exchange would benefit us both in increasing our traffic and sales. Yours Sincerely, Anton Pearce. Intercraftmarket - Design and Promotion for craftspeople plus handmade gifts, kits, books and projects. PS. join our mailing list for free advice on marketing your craft on and offline.

From: (P W) Date: Thu, Jun 1, 2000, 10:01pm To: Subject: award Hi Don, I received this email and I think I was given an award but have no idea what to do with it. Could you help me? Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Let me touch you now so that, if in the future, I cannot. I will know you were here and that I did. And hope that somewhere, someday, I will touch you again!~~~ Reply to:    "Carousel Of Links" From:    "Carousel Of Links" To:    "Patty Ann" Date:    Sat, May 27, 2000, 11:20pm X-Priority:    3 X-MSMail-Priority:    Normal Hi Patty Ann, Your site is indeed an award winning site. Thank you for sharing your beautiful website ...Hugs Gidge carousel of links award.JPG (JPEG attachment)

From: (P W) Date: Fri, Jun 2, 2000, 12:16pm To: (Donald Merrill) Subject: Re: award Again, dear friend! Thank you for adding the award to my page! Perks up my dampened spirits. Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Let me touch you now so that, if in the future, I cannot. I will know you were here and that I did. And hope that somewhere, someday, I will touch you again!~~~

From: (P W) Date: Wed, Jun 7, 2000, 11:31pm To: Subject: Fwd: Signed_Guestbook Hi Don, This buudy system is a fun toy, huh? I had just got home from unpacking boxes over at the shop house I'm moving to when your message came. And there were pauses in answers from me as I was heating up a quick dinner at the time. Not the proper way to have a conversation, is it? hehe! And Again, can I ask you a favor? The forwarded letter explains the award Penny wishes to give me. I chose the Penny award1 (jpeg attachment.) The angels are beautiful. Take care and TTYL! Love you, Patty From:    "Penny Brough" To:    Subject:    Signed_Guestbook Date:    Wed, Jun 7, 2000, 12:29pm X-Priority:    1 X-MSMail-Priority:    High HI Patty Thank you for signing my guestbook and giving me the opportunity to visit your site!!What beautiful dolls, you have a great talent!!I would like to offer you an award for your beautiful site.You can take your choice of whichever one you like, I am also sending along a friendship AWARD that is to have no link and noone is to say who sent it.Whoever started it just wanted to see friendship spread around the world.So pass it on, I thought this was a terrific idea!!HAVE AGREAT WEEK!!!!Penny awd1.jpg (jpeg attachment) awd2.jpg (jpeg attachment) PennyAward1.jpg (jpeg attachment) PennyAward2.jpg (jpeg attachment) PennyAward3.jpg (jpeg attachment) PennyAward4.jpg (jpeg attachment) AWARD.jpg (jpeg attachment)

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