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From: (P W) Date: Sun, Feb 6, 2000, 10:39pm To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: (no subject) Hi Don, Don't know what happened but my banner disappeared the other day. Isn't this weird? ha! Could you check it out? Hope you and Roni are well! I am not moved and won't be for many months as I'm still doing all this by myself. Quite an undertaking, may I say! take care Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~ People with great minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with small minds talk about other people~~

From: (P W) Date: Sun, Feb 6, 2000, 11:36pm To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: (no subject) Me again, Don Not only is my banner gone, so are my webpages. I used both URL's and comes up unknown. Could you please find out what happened? Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~ People with great minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with small minds talk about other people~~

From: (P W) Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2000, 7:20pm To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: Re: (no subject) Everythings all back where it belongs. Tripod had trouble. Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~ People with great minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with small minds talk about other people~~

From: (P W) Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2000, 10:22pm To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: Birthday Hi Don, My birthday is tomorrow (feb 9) and it would be fun if you put it on your email! Love you, Patty Ann Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~ People with great minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with small minds talk about other people~~

From: (P W) Date: Mon, Feb 21, 2000, 5:26pm (EDT-1) To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: Re: 50MEGS.COM I read part of the free page rules and if I understood it right I can have no banners. Which I don't even know what they are talking about! haha! Maybe I should stay with tripod for awhile until I get myself together. I have all my ads, name cards and everything with the tripop address so could you put me on the new one but still keep the tripod address too? That would be nice. I could use that address and tripod if it is not any trouble for you. You have my site on Fortunecity also and I sometimes use that address. Love you Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~ People with great minds talk about ideas. People with average minds talk about events. People with small minds talk about other people~~

From: (P W) Date: Wed, Feb 23, 2000, 11:54pm (EDT-1) To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: Re: 50MEGS.COM Hi Don, I accidenty discarded the new address to sign up for the 50megs. Could you send it to me? Thanks, Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~~~~May angels smile upon you and enfold you in their wings~~~~~~

From: (P W) Date: Tue, Mar 21, 2000, 11:48pm (EDT-1) To: (MerryDons Club) Subject: Greetings! Hi Don, Hope you and Roni are well! I'm still moving, all by myself. Take a truckload or 2 a day and unload it. All the people who say they will help me, don't show up. Paid college kids to help me and they only moved a 4th of it. Said they'd be back but didn't! heehee! I couldn't move everything at one time as I am moving to 5 rooms (have 8 rooms here) so have to weed-out and eliminate many things! Been 4 months and will be many more months before I can be settled, unfortuntely! Not fun, may I say! I forgot to tell you but months ago the midi music site is shut down. Could you put another one on for me and remove this one? It's a shame they closed as I really enjoyed it. Well. must close! Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~

DATE: Wed, 22 Jul 1998 16:06:45 From: Ronald H Merrill To: Hello cousin, It was a surprise to get your message. It was the first response to my listing. I put my name in that list over a year ago. I'll fill you in on this end of the family. I retired from Gould's Pumps last Sept. So far retirement is very enjoyable. My wife, Carol, is still working. (someone has to keep our standard-of-living up) Our son, Scott, is living in Bangkok, Thailand. He is attached to the American Embassy there. He has our only Granddaughter over there with them. Sue, our daughter, is currently in Michigan for the summer stock season. She is the Stage Manager for a small theatre group there. During the theatre season,(sept thru june) she works whereever she can find an opening. Usually it is in or around Philadelphia. Last December, Carol and I went to Thailand to visit Scott and his family. We had a grand three weeks over there. We did the American tourist thing. We saw all the sights, went to the beach, and even took a side trip to Nepal to see Mt. Everest. We even managed to play some Golf over there. In May, we were in Orlando for a week. I have never spent much time in Florida and didn't think I would like it. I was wrong, of course. We stayed at the Orange Lake Resort and played a lot of golf while we were there. It was in the 90's every day. Shortly after we came home, you started to have all those brush fires. Glad we missed that. You probably heard that my brother, Jeff, died. He had cancer and died while we were in Thailand. I missed his funeral. My mother is not doing too well. She has a growth around her liver that cannot be removed. I don't know how long she has, but we are trying to enjoy every day she is around. So much for me at this time. How are things with you? How is your family doing? GIve my best to your mother. I miss seeing all of you. I did hear from your nephew, Steve Finn. Actually, he contacted Mike. It seems that Steve is researching the family tree and came across Granddad's obit. I never even knew what my Grandfather's first name was. It was great to read about him. so long for now. I'm sure we will talk again. If I don't get a reply from this, I'll try and reply to your original message. I think your email address is yours, ron

From: Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2000, 12:06pm (EDT-1) To: Subject: howdy.. Hope your day is good.. I just love being a technical support consultant, I get to help all kinds of people, most of them are just so very new at working with computers. I am happy to help them feel more at ease with it. I am still praying for days or at least get off of working weekends. I may have sent this already, I don't think I was clear enough so I am repeating myself.. :-) my new shift hours are 4 p.m. to 1 a.m. 5days (the 11 hour 4 day weeks are being removed from schedules) I work Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon and Tues and off on Wed. and Thursdays. I'm still praying... one lady is quitting and her schedule is Mon - Fri (no weekends) from 3 p.m. until 12 midnight. I hope I can get it. If she quits before signing over her hours to me, that schedule will go into the hat for the next bid shift. Also, there is a Tues - Sat open from 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. and 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. that I've bidded for.. I have no seniority, so this will really be a miracle! Love Me (Norma)

From: Date: Wed, Feb 9, 2000, 2:30am (EDT-1) To: Subject: hi again well I've only been on the phones for 9 days and already I've been asked if I would like extra training to receive CompuServ tech calls.. of course I said yes. :-) My stats are 6:05 min average handle time with :00 wrap up time. That means.. they take the number of calls I get divide it into the minutes I've been online and get my average handle time. The requirement is 9:50 min during the 1st month. Wrap up time is the time is takes to finish the call after the person hangs up. I have the case already logged, saved and closed by the time I say, Thank you for calling   :-) I'm utterly thrilled.. this is certainly the job for me. :-) Love Norma.

From: (Lisa Renay) Date: Fri, Feb 25, 2000, 12:54pm (EDT-4) To:,,,,,,,,,, Subject: Keep Praying!!!!!! Update on my condition, Doctor say's signs of bacteria are in my lung's I will have surgery. Although I have a tumor it is small now I will be tested to see if the tumor is cancer. Please keep me in your prayers. I will need oxygene for awhile to help with my breathing temporaly I will use as I need it. I will continue to do my breathing treatments for my Asthma. Also My Business is doing incredibly well. But I will take a break for awhile to be with my family. Thank you everyone for your prayers and good wishes. Love Alway's in Jesus, Lisa R. Zepeda Crowe

From: (P W) Date: Sat, Feb 26, 2000, 11:07pm (EDT-1) To: (Donald Merrill) Subject: Re: www6 - When I have time I will send you the price list (I printed a copy of the new prices some time ago and don't know where they are right now. heehee! I've been re-doing the craft shop into a living quarters (am eliminating several craft rooms and packing the excess in boxes to store on the attic which is mnd-boggling) Plus am packing and moving a truckload every day so don't know where many things are. This is a very confusing move as I'm doing 90% all by myself. The people I hire to help me don't show up, so sadly, it'll be months before I am settled in! And I have very little time to be on the net. Anyhow, I'll send you the new price list soon. Some of the buttons I checked are coming up error but I haven't seen it all yet. You are such an angel to do this for me. I appreciate everything you do (and have done) more then words can ever say. Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~~~~May angels smile upon you and enfold you in their wings~~~~~~

From: Date: Wed, Mar 1, 2000, 6:06pm (EDT-1) To: Subject: this is the company I want to try to get into. It's only about 5 miles from my home. The company I work for now is 14 long miles away... and the traffic is terrible.   Paymentech

From: (P W) Date: Sun, Mar 5, 2000, 9:34am (EDT-1) To: Subject: Odd happening! Hi Don, I am having an unusual experience on the web which is uncanny! A few weeks ago, every now and then my webtv started to shut off once in awhile. I just figured we may have had a quick power outage. So, off and on, this would happen. This morning, I was eliminating some messages and when I clicked Fantastic Freebies, the web cut off and came back on. So I tried it agan, it cut off again. I then went to others to click on and it did NOT cut out. Went back to Fantastic Freebies (Mary Smith) and it did it again. Tried it over and over and over again. Kept cutting my webtv off. Isn't that weird? I can't even send you a copy of her email because it cuts off as soon as I click it. Nor can I discard her email. The webtv cuts off as soon as I click it! A Mary Smith had signed my GB a long time ago so I checked that out and when I clicked on her homepage it came in okay! Her email address is on the GB. But I'm not sure if that's the same Mary Smith that has the Fantastic Freebies. I could email the lady (and I know this sounds silly) BUT what if this person is deliberately trying to mess up other computers, webtv's etc. After hearing so much of people doing this, it just made me wonder about this unusual happening! If I emailed her about this, and she WAS somehow deliberately doing this, it would alert her. Have you ever had this experience with an email? I'm baffled! Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~~~~May angels smile upon you and enfold you in their wings~~~~~~

From: (Lisa Renay) Date: Sat, Mar 11, 2000, 1:24am (EDT-4) To:,,,, Subject: Hello Everyone!! I'm feeling much better all is well I am up and around. I created a very specal page to share with everyone! thank you all for your Email I had a full mailbox It's empty now I will be going on a fantastic trip to sunny Florida I'm flying there on the 23rd of this month and returning on the 29th I am going to see one of my best Online Friend's he came to visit me now he's flying me to visit him and meet his family is'nt that great! I am also going to Disney world to Winnie the Pooh in person now is that cool or what I will take picture and send you guys a picture of me and pooh. My friend has helped me with my respitory problems my supplying me with all natural vitamans and supplements including herb teas plus he bought me a purifier to help with my breathing. I am so blessed to have a wonderful fiend like him he is christian and my guardian angel that's for sure. We have been friends for about a 11/2 years I get a little emotional because I feel so blessed to have all of you as my online friends. I want all of you to what a blessing you all our to me and I am so greatful for havin all of you as my friends I cherish my friendship with all of you. Thank you everyone jst wnted everyone to know I'm doing much better now I have a strong will the doctors said and that is the key to recovery. Love to you all & God Bless,        Lisa R. Crowe Powered by NetJump Included Page:

From: Date: Tue, Mar 21, 2000, 9:06pm (EDT-1) To: Subject: hi Hi.. well I got really pissed yesterday at work. I'm quitting tomorrow. I had questions about that dial up networking version of compuserve and I was told very loudly.. what are you bitching about? I raised my voice back and said BITCHING? BITCHING? Questions are now called BITCHING? I have to listen to people putting their mikes on mute and screaming the "F" word all the time and now the supervisor saying Bitching to me. no way. I'm done with the place. The Chase job wanted me to do the inbound/outbound calls and I declined the job. It was only at $10 an hour too. I heard from more people at Bank of America.. I'm going there. It has a very good reputation for training and treating their employees well. I will rest the month of April, maybe go to Key West for a 3 or 4 day vacation. I am tired of hearing the F word during my job, at my breaks, during lunch and now the supervisor's saying to me, "what are you bitching about" no mam. Love Norma.

From: (Lisa Renay) Date: Wed, Mar 22, 2000, 5:54pm (EDT-4) To:,,,,,,,,,,, Subject: Hello everyone! Well I'm all packed and ready to go on my Big trip to Florida. I leave tomorrow I will be gone from the 23rd of March to 29th of March! The Wather s beautiful there I will be going to Disney world to see Winnie The Pooh of course! I will take lot's f pictures and share them with you when I return ok. I love you all and will be thinking of you. I pray for a Safe Trip there and also returning home. I am nervous when it comes to AirPlanes. Well i'm off this Keyboard for 6 days I'm sure I will have a great time there for it is my first time going there. When I return I am going to a concert to see Norman Brown-Jazz Guitarist-Woohooo!!! This is Valentina Aka-Lisa signin off. Love & Hugs,       Lisa The Song Is: Still a Friend of Mine By: Incognito "It is a source of acomplishment to set a Goal and Achieve and Suceed by seeing it all the way through." Written By: Valentina ~My Picture~ Powered by NetJump

From: Date: Thu, Mar 30, 2000, 2:59pm (EDT-4) To:,,,,,,,,,,,,, Subject: Hello Everyone! I'm back from my trip Jeff did a good job checking my Email and keeping my box free and clear. My trip to Florida was Great I had a wonerful time and I'm glad to be home safe and sound. Love & Hugs,      Lisa

From: Date: Sun, Apr 16, 2000, 11:38pm To: Subject: Well I'm off to Cypress Grdns come Tuesday. Regarding Cypress Gardens, it's a place with lots of flowers and animals too, I think. It has an underground tunnel you go through (and I'm not sure of this either, of how it is set up) but billions of butterflies are flying all around. They also have a paddle boat for people to take across the lake (or maybe river) my girlfriend knows all this stuff, I just drive it and take pictures.. haha   This boat serves dinner also. We may stay for the day and come back home, it's not very far, maybe 2 hours or 3. If the boat ride is long.. we will stay the night in a motel.. and then go on the Lion Jungle Safari which is close by also. We may drive on to Sarasota also cause it would be 50 miles away from this really big mall called Ellenton Mall which is actually 25 miles away from Tampa.. so Sarasota will only be a hop over to visit. If we go to Sarasota, we will most definetly stay in Sarasota the night and THEN.. if we still have money and still have the energy, we may go to Key West from there.. but I think we will go home first cause we are only packing for 2 days. We may go ahead and pack for the week just in case. It seems that this year Pat is doing all the planning.. cool. She calls out different places and asks me what I think and I tell her sure. I just don't want to go visting any places where the animals roam free (like I usually go to) as it is mating season for gators and next month, up to June, is snake mating season. This month up to June is very dangerous to go on nature trails and such as the snakes and gators are very aggressive and will chase you instead of move away from you. So as long as this Lion Safari whatever is not a nature trail.. I'll go. She knows I don't like driving over lots of bridges and going to Key West has lots of bridges. So I will take the first shift of driving if we do go that far. I will drive all the way to Miami and then Pat can take over. A couple of years ago I did the planning for Tennessee, we both agreed to drive straight through to Tennessee but we both agreed we won't be doing that anymore. We have agreed to take the interstate towards Winter Haven where Cypress Gardens is and if we see something along the way, we will stop and visit and take pictures, etc. I love those kind of trips, we don't have to rush, it's so nice. Anyhow.. that's about it. My son, Kenny, will stop by the house and check on the cats for me and make sure the litter boxes are cleaned and food is readily available as well as for the cats outside. :-) You know those kittens I took? Well the torteshell one is pregnant! Now I know I did right taking those kittens and bringing them to families that wanted inside cats. The ladies who took the cat will keep it during it's pregnancy and then either keep her babies or give them to the vets for adoption. They will then have her fixed. I'm glad that they love her so much and won't be discarding her. She is very loveable.. I'm going to look at her babies when they are born.. cool. Tomorrow, I will take the car to the lube place with an oil change, Kenny is going to check my brakes for me to make sure everything is okay. I can drive 235 miles on only 9 gallons of gas, so we have chosen to take my car this time. We took Pat's 350, 4 barrel Chevy last time. I have mixed emotions about going.. I've become so accustomed at watching my pennies.. but I will go anyway. Pat and I have a good time when we go out, we always have something to laugh about and we always take time to rededicate our lifes to Christ and so we always walk away from our trips refreshed and energized. She came over tonight and she told me I was changing her.. hahaha   she doesn't like cats, and here my silky coat Kali (the calico) laid next to her and stretched out and just touched her leg with her paw and Pat automatically started petting her. hahahha Kali is such a soft cat.. I usually call them kittens but I figured I would really confuse you then.. hahaha. Anyhow, it looks like "lift off" haha for Tuesday. :-) Hope you and yours is good. Love Norma.

From: Date: Tue, Apr 18, 2000, 1:02am (EDT-3) To:,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Subject: I Have Moved ~Valentina's Place Hello Everyone Sory about the long addy list But it is much easier to just do this once. I have moved my site finally just a few more pages to go and it will be done. Hope you all like the new changes it is alot more simpler but I find simplicity to be beautiful..... Sincerly Your Friend, ~Valentina~ The Corner Cafe Valentina's Place "The greatest results in life are usually attained by simple means and the exercise of ordinary qualities. These may for the most part be summed up in these two - commonsense and perseverance." ~Owen Feltham~ Included Page: Welcome To Valentina's Place

From: Date: Tue, Apr 18, 2000, 9:43am To: Subject: no Cypress Gardens 'Well I thought we would be going to Cypress Gardens today, however, Pat woke up with a stuffed nose, coughing and such. We may go on Friday but I doubt it, she has chest pains too. I don't feel bad about it.. we can go another time. I am not completely well either. Norma.

From: (P W) Date: Tue, Apr 18, 2000, 5:29pm To: Subject: Fwd: Patty Ann doll's Award Hi Don, I am forwarding an email from Gidge, who would like an award. There have been several people who applied but I don't know how to add them. And don't know what happened but most of the banners and links that you put on my pages have disappeared. I was supposed to start lessons on how to do all the things you have done for me on the web (and was soooooo anxious to get started) but there is no time as I am extremely ill plus am not near moved yet nor even have my house up for sale (and may not be able to finish moving due to the Lupus and M.S etc.) Unfortunately, it has weakened me quite seriously. Never dreamed I'd be left in such a devastating situation. Being alone to move all by myself is a real strain, may I say! I pack , load the boxes in my pick-up truck and drive it to my shop where I will live, everyday! Then carry the boxes either up the steps or down the steps. Sometimes several loads a day! After 4 months of this I am a bit worn-out. Soooooo there'll be no lessons and no life until I get settled. Anyhow, if you would't mind, could you give Gidge the award? It's a very nice! Angel Hugs to you and Roni and love you! Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~ X-Originating-IP:    [] From:    "gidge sanders" To: Subject:    Patty Ann doll's Award Date:    Tue, Apr 18, 2000, 10:46am Hi ...I like to apply for your award...Thank You...Gidge My homepage addy is: ______________________________________________ Get Your Private, Free Email at

From: (Arfiata Lubis) Date: Mon, Jul 3, 2000, 4:57pm (EDT-3) To: Subject: Re: Thanks a lot for your attention to me Dear Don Merrill, are you? From the bottom of my heart I would like to say, thanks a lot for your attention. Take care, please give my best regards to your family. Regards, Tata birthday card

From: Date: Tue, Feb 15, 2000, 7:25am (EDT-1) To: Subject: Thank You! Don, Thank you for my Valentine's Day "card". That was very sweet of you! I had a wonderful fiance brought me flowers at my work and then we went out to was great! Take care and have a great day!! Vicky ~=0)

From: (P W) Date: Thu, Apr 20, 2000, 12:16am To: (Donald Merrill) Subject: Re: Fwd: Patty Ann doll's Award Thank you for the award page address. I found a new place to make a homepage but it doesn't tell how to add pics etc. Thought you might want to look into it for fun! http://www.homestead. com Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~

From: Date: Fri, Apr 21, 2000, 5:11am (EDT-3) To:,,,,,,,,, Subject: A Very Happy Easter To Everyone! I'm offline for the weekend I hope everyone has a wondeful hippity, hoppity, Easter!!! I love you all have a good one God bless by the way I might be a mommy of a wonderful 3mth old boucing baby girl adoptionagecy finally called after 4yr waiting period please say a prayer for me that God will bless me with this sweet little angel. Sincerely Your Friend, ~Valentina~ Music Is: Andrea Bocelli The Song Is: "Con Te Patiro" Valentina's Links

From: (P W) Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2000, 7:25pm To: Subject: Help! Hi Don, Would you please do me a big favor? There is an entry from a person named Arran in my guestbook on the site and it is vulgar. I do NOT want that kind of filth in my GB but do not know how to erase it. Could you possibly erase it for me? I tried to send this creep an email but it did not come up on the message to write to him. This is totally disgusting and it's a shame I do not know how to delete, add etc. I do not want this kind of trash on my site and I would appreciate your help. Thanks so much, Love you, Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~

From: (P W) Date: Wed, Apr 26, 2000, 11:32pm To: (Donald Merrill) Subject: Re: Help! Thank you, my guardian angel! And thank you for the address so I can delete also! Is there an address to add my own pictures or do I have to transload etc. to do that? Love you! Patty Visit Patty Ann's Doll House ~~Some people come into our lives and quickly go. Some stay awhile, Leaving footprints on our hearts. And we are Never Ever the same!~~

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